This is an automatic folding machine with the latest technology in drives and control.

Product Specification

F­-1000 Specification

The F-­1000 is an automatic folder for production of for example surgical drapes, dentistry drapes, cloths or similar. The machine operates automatically and with the latest technology in drives and control, F-­1000 gets great flexibility and accuracy.

Different types of folding can be made. Most common is V­ , N­ or M ­folded and continuous zig­zag.
Web width 1000mm.
Mechanical speed 120m/min. Cross fold 150 products/ min.
Different web widths up to 2000mm, different folding plates, web guidance system and more.

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We have machines almost all over the world, from Colombia and United States to Poland, France and Tjeckia.I hope you find the information on our web site interesting and if you work in our field we are more than interested to get in touch with you.

Chairman & Marketing Director, Örjan Winkvist

INDA Member